Simplify and summarise all of your OHS processes in one go-to document, which can be used as a point of reference by employees and customers.

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OHS manuals provide a documented overview of your safety management system, and how it complies with legislative or other requirements. 


  • Is useful for communicating company policies and procedures to employees and other workers in a formalised and structured manner 
  • Demonstrates to your customers that you have a safety management system, that complies with relevant requirements. 
  • Sets you apart from your competitors, and enables you to submit as part of tendering opportunities. 

What to expect

STEP 1: We visit your workplace, and spend time with you to understand your business and identify key content requirements.

STEP 2: We will identify existing systems you have in place (formal or informal) and recommend any additional content that may be required based on relevant legislation, compliance codes and industry standards.

STEP 3: Once you understand and are satisfied with the content, we create your OHS Manual in hard copy and / or electronic formats. 

STEP 4: We will run through the content with you to ensure you understand the requirements prior to implementation. This is important, because you must follow through with the implementation and ‘do what you say you’re going to do.’  

Explore our safety management systems


Conduct a review of your current safety systems and processes, against defined benchmark criteria.

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Develop paper-based or digital OHS induction packages, to advise workers of workplace health and safety risks.

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Summarise all of your OHS processes in one go-to document, which can be used as a point of reference by employees and customers.

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Policies & Procedures

Develop safe systems of work relevant to your business, by identifying and developing key policies and procedures.

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Safety skills training that can be delivered at your workplace or at our in-house training facility.

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Contractor Management

Assist you to break down your legal responsibilities with regards to contractors, and how to identify who should do what.

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